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Welcome to Rules of Three.

We've analyzed the painting process and turned it into a method of thinking for professional, and personal use. 

The benefits:

Calmness and clarity

Our method promotes present-moment awareness and stress reduction.

New perspectives

Our method helps you explore new perspectives and experiment with new ideas.

Personal growth

Our method helps you gain insights into your thoughts, thus enhancing self-awareness.

We used our method to create
painting workshops 
designed to stimulate your creativity.

(No previous painting experience required)

Workshops: Home

Make your selection, and book your slot:

  • Lift the pressure off an important thought. (Group up to 3 people)

    3 hr

    80 euros
  • Escape the day-to-day hustle and paint. (Group up to 3 people)

    3 hr

    60 euros

Corporate Clients:


The outcome:

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