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Welcome to Rules of Three

We've analyzed the painting process and turned it into a tangible method of thinking for professional, and personal use. 

We offer you 
Painting workshops
that teaches 

Our method enables participants to:

  • Express and visualize their feelings.

  • Promote present-moment awareness and stress reduction.

  • Gain insights into your thoughts, thus enhancing self-awareness.

  • Helps you find different perspectives and experiment with new ideas.

  • Get in touch with their creative side.

  • Lift the pressure off some thoughts or decisions.

  • Lift the pressure off an important thought.

    80 euros
  • Escape the day-to-day hustle and paint.

    60 euros
  • Bond with your group while creating a unique artwork.

    1,100 euros

Who are we?

Rules of Three is a forward-thinking initiative founded by artist Henri Asmar and co-founder Satyaki Yadav. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the skills necessary to overcome modern-day challenges and uncertainty through the transformative power of painting. We believe that painting improves thinking, and thinking improves humans. Our expert team provides tailored workshops that promote self-reflection, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Join us in our mission to unlock human potential and enhance decision-making capabilities. We are excited to share with you the benefits of our method, in direct application for private and business adaptations.

Meet the team


Henri Asmar

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The artist.


Satyaki Yadav

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The business.


The art


The inspiration.

"The workshop made me realise where my true passion in life lies and now I'm working towards it."

- Hadi,

Electrical Engineer

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