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Collective painting

Bond with your group while creating a unique artwork.

Workshop information.

Collective painting involves a group of individuals working together to create a single piece of artwork. The idea of this experience is to promote the unwinding benefits of painting, letting go of your thoughts, and expressing your intuition on a large-scale white canvas. We set up a painting “booth” at your office or off-site location where a large-scale canvas, brushes, sprays, and buckets of paint will be present. The concept is to expose people to the “booth” as they circulate from coming and painting and going back to socializing. As they are encouraged to stop, paint something, and then carry on whatever they were doing, a collective creative output is being created on the big canvas. The progression of the composition and the guidance is provided by Henri, who is a professional artist and will be present to technically assist and inspire the participants while maintaining a constructive flow to the overall experience. We provide: - 250cm x 150cm stretched canvas - Acrylic paint - Spray paint cans - 10 Paint buckets - 300cm x 300cm Floor protection (With tape) - Paint brushes - Painting aprons - Shoe protection - Gloves

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